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    by Elaine Galido

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:57:55

    Who says only students have the guts to show off when it comes to singing and dancing? After four years, St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) brings back the Employees’ Night dubbed as “Beats of the Century” last October 27, 2018 where teachers and staff have prepared performances to also showcase their talents featuring the hits from 2002 to 2016 at the Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall.

    The audience was hyped by the performance presented by the teachers and staff from different departments as they embraced the stage to showcase their talent. The first performance was from the teachers of Junior High School bringing back on stage the hits of 2002 as they showed how talented they are in dancing. The second performance was given by the Grade School teachers as they also gracefully danced on stage to the hits of 2004. Following them were the Senior High School teachers who danced to the hits of 2006. The teachers of the College of Arts and Education (CAED) add a new taste to the event as they showcased the rhythms of 2008 through singing. The office staff gave the audience a glimpse of 2010’s hits while the Lay Administrators brought the audience back to 2014. And lastly, the teachers from the College of Business and Information Technology (CBIT) presented the hits and beats of 2016 to 2018 and even presented a poem featuring the life and struggle of being a teacher by Mrs. Cristina Jumawan and Mr. Vedasto Bolongaita. It moved the hearts of the audience and made the students feel grateful for having teachers like them. After all the presentation, it has been decided to give a surprise award for the best performer of the night. All the performances were great but there will always be the best among them. It was the Junior High School teachers’ performance that the audience enjoyed watching.

    The night didn^^t end there as they gave another surprise to the audience. They invited a surprise celebrity guest from Manila, Mr. Dezhnev Jake Diaz, one of the vocalists of Manila^^s J2U Boyband, a young actor, singer, professional host, broadcaster, performer, and PAGCOR^^s resident artist. He performed two songs that made the crowd sing along with him.

    Generally, the event was a success as the audience enjoyed each performance and everyone got out from the hall with bright smiles on their faces. SPUD’s teachers and staff are all talented indeed.

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    by Abigail Ramirez

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:54:32

    School is a place where one spends most of his/her life with strangers who later turn into family. No matter how much one hated it back then, this place will always have a soft spot in one’s heart and mind as it is where one finds a second home. And what do one do when one misses home? They come back. The Paulinian Alumni did just that last October 27, 2018.

    It has long been a tradition for the St. Paul University Dumaguete Alumni Association (SPUDAA) to organize the annual Alumni Homecoming. As the name of the event suggests, it is fitting for the hosts to be alumni of the university as well. This year’s masters of ceremonies were Ms. Jou Grace Vale and Mr. James Anthony Diputado.

    Just like in any Paulinian program, the Grand Alumni homecoming started with a prayer led by Mr. Ruben S. Badon followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and the Paulinian hymn. As they sang the hymn, it is as if they were reminiscing their moments back then when they were still students dreaming of graduation. The exchanging of smiles and glistening of eyes attest to this.

    SPUDAA President Hon. Jose Victor V. Imbo, DMD welcomed everyone to the grand alumni homecoming. Following thereafter was the prayer before meals led by Fr. Clyde Flores for the fellowship dinner. The hall was filled with voices and laughter, each and every one catching up with one another’s lives. Accompanying this were intermission numbers by SPUD staff Ms. Helian Roferos followed by high school batch ‘83 alumnus Mr. Leo Zita. Special recognitions were given to batches celebrating milestones as alumni of SPUD, namely HS Batch ‘78 (Ruby), HS Batch ‘93 (Silver), HS Batch ‘98 (Pearl), Elementary Batch ‘73 (Sapphire), and Elementary/HS Batch ‘68 (Golden). These people really set the bars on how to ‘keep in touch.’

    The Alumni homecoming hit two birds with one stone by not only meeting and catching up with their classmates but also giving back to their beloved alma mater. With each year comes a new set of SPUDAA Officers. The homecoming serves as an avenue for the election of the new Board of Directors. SPUD President Sr. Joseline R. Lasala, SPC addressed the university’s main concern in her message by encouraging the SPUDAA to play a role in solving the decrease in enrollment.

    Before the announcement of the newly-elected Board of Directors, the floor was given to the different batches celebrating milestones with SPUD for their group performances. Their costumes were all related to the milestone they’re celebrating. At the end of the presentations, a plaque of recognition was given to the SPC Sisters for their unconditional and never-ending guidance and support to the professionals who once roamed the halls of St. Paul University Dumaguete.

    The last segment for the first part of the program was the announcement of the newly-elected Board of Directors. Instead of 10 alumni, only 5 were nominated and automatically elected as Board of Directors, namely Marietta Abella from Elementary batch ‘68, Edwin Nacar from HS batch ‘88, Jose Victor Imbo from batch ‘78, James Ronan Palubio from HS batch ‘93, and Gilda Elli from HS batch ‘78. The election of the new set of officers called for a celebration which brought the homecoming to the second part of the program, the Dancing & Fellowship.

    Seeing familiar faces comforts the soul and lightens the heart. The annual Alumni Homecoming brings about just that. The gust of nostalgia will surely hit one hard. But instead of pain, emotions of happiness and joy would rush to one’s spine and into the body upon going back to where it all started, remembering the never-dying slogan, “Once a Paulinian, always a Paulinian.”

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    by Samantha Joy L. Ragay and Jenny Rose Vicente

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:52:58

    Head of “Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo” Rowena Carranza Paraan graced St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) with her presence as she gave an informative talk on Media Disinformation and Fake News last October 27, 2018 at the Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall.

    The program started with a prayer followed by the opening remarks of Vice President for Academic Affairs Sr. Dina Alilain, SPC as she some insights about the cause and effect of using social media. She added that fake news is one of the hottest and most controversial issues that the country is facing today. She also believed that now is the time to know, learn, spot, and stop the said issue before it ruins the country entirely. She ended her speech by saying, “False news travels halfway around the world while truth is putting on its shoes.”

    Ms. Paraan, a highly esteemed and respectable expert in the field of social media with great interest in seeking truth, justice, and integrity in today’s time, said that “information is power while disinformation is content created to confuse or mislead the public.” Paraan believes that there are ways on how one can detect fake news. One is that it is badly written, contains fantastic claims and outlandish headlines, and has no news sources or attributions. She advised the Paulinian community to check the uniform resource locator (URL) of the site, read the about pages, read beyond the headlines, check the images, check the date, and lastly, conduct an image research.

    Paraan says, “Ang balita ay isang bagay na chineck mo kung totoo, kinuha mo lahat ng panig, tinignan mo ang detalye, at binigyan mo ng tamang konteksto. [News is something that you verify by gathering all sides of those concerned, checking all details, and giving the proper context.]”

    The “Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo” head added that while news is based on facts, it is supposed to be something that has undergone verification. She added that news alerts the people and the information it provides allows people to come up with decisions. According to her, “Information connects us. But, it is also said that technology leads to proliferation of disinformation.”

    Before Ms. Paraan ended her talk, she made the entire Paulinian community do a pledge to be a responsible individual in using social media. It is important to study fake news and on how it is used against people. Disinformation is not just fake news but definitely has an impact in the future, especially on freedom of expression and information. Fake news now is deliberately being used to manipulate people so it’s best to always be aware, alert, and conscious because as the cliché quote says, “Information is power.”

    External Affairs Manager Mr. Josefino T. Larena said in his closing remarks that it’s important to use social media to promote good news and not to destroy the integrity as a society. He emphasized on the fact that this media awareness forum will teach the Paulinian community the right information, how to disseminate information, and how to determine fake news.

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    by Roselyn C. Resit

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:51:35

    One of the highlights of St. Paul University Dumaguete’s Foundation Week celebration was its awe-inspiring grand parade and band exhibition. The 114th Annual Foundation week celebration grand parade began at Epifanio Surban Street Dumaguete City at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon last 26th of October 2018. Roads were closed prior to the parade and Dumaguete City’s traffic enforcers said traffic conditions were expected to be heavy downtown. Included in the parade were the ever-supportive SPC sisters, the faculty and students wearing their department T-shirts, the elegant and good-looking contestants of the 2018 Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill. The university marching band, together with their majorette, has been a regular and much-anticipated participant in the annual parade with the active involvement of the marching bands from the different schools in the city. Together with them were the SPUD alumni coming from the different batches, including the Silver Jubilarians and Platinum Anniversarians, the Marshalls, the Negros Oriental Red Cross Unit, Colors and Paramilitary Unit, other clubs and organizations of the university like the Paulinian Student Government, Photographers Guild, Guidance Buddies, Red Cross Youth, and The Paulinian. The parade was enlivened by the “Banda Mangga” which gave a convivial and festive atmosphere to the celebration. The parade ended at the SPUD ballfield where the invited marching bands and majorettes of Tanjay National High School, Piapi National High School, Negros Oriental High School, and the SPUD pride marching band showed off a brief but much-awaited exhibition.

    When interviewed about the grand parade, majority of the alumni felt warmly welcomed and appreciative of the never-ending homey that SPUD gives.

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    by Loribeth Sable, BSA IV

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:45:46

    One of the highlighted events of every Paulifounders Celebration is the Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill. This year, it went with the theme “Warriors of the Earth.” It took place on the 25th of October 2018 at the Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall. The event was opened with a Spanish-inspired production number with the dance Flamenco. The candidates introduced themselves in Spanish as well. It was started off with the pair coming from the College of Nursing (CON) followed by the College of Arts and Education (CAED), Junior High School, Senior High School 1, Senior High School 2, and the College of Business and Information Technology (CBIT).

    The panel of judges were who got to scrutinize the candidates were Ms. Nannie May Talam, Mr. Giovanni Viter, Ms. Leaxandria Dela Cerna, Mr. John Elmar Ortega, and the Ms. Leah Sicat- Reyes (Chairman). The candidates presented their talents, most of which did song numbers with interpretative dances. However, seemingly wanting to stand out from the mainstream, the Senior High School 1 candidates delivered a heartfelt spoken word poetry about their chosen advocacy. 

    Shades of blue were then seen as the candidates strode the stage in their evening wear. Everyone was in awe as the candidates walked on the stage with poise and elegance. Afterwards, they were asked to join the hosts for the preliminary interview for the judges to get to know their advocacy more.

    For minor awards, the Man of the Press was awarded to Senior High School 1 and the Woman of the Press was awarded to Senior High School 2. The Mr. and Ms. Photogenic award were garnered by Senior High School 2 and College of Nursing, respectively. Meanwhile, Mr. and Ms. Professionalism awards were given to both the candidates coming from the Junior High School department. The Senior High School 1 candidate was awarded as Mr. Congeniality while the College of Nursing was awarded as Ms. Congeniality. The Best in Production number were Mr. Senior High 2 and Ms. Senior High School 1 while the Best Speaker award was given to both Senior High School 1 candidates. Junior High School candidate was awarded Best in Talent while Mr. College of Nursing and Ms. Junior High School won the People’s Choice award. Lastly, Best in Formal Wear were Mr. Junior High School and Ms. College of Nursing.

    After the special and minor awards, the Top 3 Advocacies were then revealed. Everyone was rooting for their bets and the crowd held their breaths as the hosts then announced the winners, namely College of Nursing, Senior High School 2, and Junior High School.

    In the previous years, the ones with the best advocacies were also the ones who will make it to the top three. It was partly true as the Junior High School and College of Nursing advanced forward. Unfortunately, it was not the same fate with the Senior High School 2 as Senior High School 1 managed to steal the last spot.

    One by one, the pairs were asked the question which will determine this year’s Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill. As the crowd waited for the results, Ms. Amzelle Laspinas took her final walk as last year’s reigning Ms. Ambassador of Goodwill 2017.

    Pressure and tension filled the air as the hosts received the envelope containing the results. The third spot was garnered by Mr. Junior High School and Ms. College of Nursing while the second spot was garnered by Mr. Senior High School 1 and Ms. Junior High School. Finally, this year’s Mr. and Ms. Ambassadors of Goodwill were Mr. College of Nursing and Ms. Senior High School 1.

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    by Abigail Ramirez

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:43:50

    “Mainstreaming Paulinian Ingenuity, Solidarity, and Sportsmanship through Interculturality.” Paralleled by this year’s Paulimpiad theme, the Night of Dance kicked off with a production number participated by two representatives from each performing groups. A variety of hues from their costumes radiated across the Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall as they danced to the beat of the music. Although different, they complemented each other’s get-up which translated the essence of the theme. Indeed, in the words of Paulinian Student Government (PSG) President Mr. Angelo de Guzman, “We are one in heart.”

    The Night of Dance held last October 23, 2018 was an avenue for Paulinian students to speak the hidden language of the body’s soul. Getting the best of both the traditional and modern worlds, two types of dances were performed by each participating departments: folk dance and pop dance, respectively.

    The folk dance competition highlighted the Filipino culture and tradition. The order of performances were as follows: (1) College of Nursing with Inagta; (2) College of Arts and Education with Panulo sa Baybayon; (3) Junior High School with Kuratsa; (4) Grade School with Las Panderetas; (5) Senior High School 1 with Kiriwkiw; (6) Senior High School 2 with Tinolabong; and (7) College of Business and Information Technology with Inalimango. All the performances were equally great and it was as if the audience was taken back to the simple and humble times of the Filipino people. One group in particular, however, captured and accurately showcased their dance of choice with their white loose costumes which elevated their elegant movements in mimicking the bird ‘tolabong.’ This was the Senior High School 2 with their Tinolabong dance. The second place was garnered by the College of Arts and Education’s Panulo sa Baybayon while the College of Business and Information Technology’s Inalimango dance stole the third spot. The College of Arts and Education also won Best in Costume.

    Keeping up with the trend is the Pop Dance Competition. The order of performances were just the same as the order in the Folk Dance Competition. One of the highlights was the performance from the Grade School department as they appealed to the most popular trend of this generation—the K-Pop or Korean Pop. In the end, it was the Junior High School contestants that managed to claim the first place as well as the Best in Costume and Best in Choreography awards followed by the CBIT and Senior High School 2 in second and third places, respectively.

    All the departments gave their all during the Night of Dance and saw each other as competition. Some won and some lost, but results aside, everyone had a good time and truly propagated the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. In the end, all contestants are Paulinian brothers and sisters. With that, the Night of Dance was concluded with the singing of the Paulinian hymn.

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    by Abbi Retes

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:40:52

    Another night was filled with music and action when everyone gathered to witness astonishing Paulinian talents during the Night of Music held in the Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall last October 22, 2018. The Night of Music is part of the university intramurals week celebration dubbed as Paulimpiad 2018. This year, the event was composed of two competitions, the Vocal Trio and the Moving Squad competition.

    Each department prepared champions for this battle but only one can stand at the top, raising the banner of their department. Everyone was at the edge of their seats during the announcement of the winners. According to some students, winning a night event is a huge plus to the department’s overall points to own the title as the overall champion of Paulimpiad 2018. When the announcement was made, the College of Nursing (CON) and College of Business and Information Technology (CBIT) cheered for their representatives for their contestants have won the Vocal Trio Competition and Moving Squad Competition, respectively. During an interview with the muses of the College of Nursing—Monique Mejica, Aimee Abil, and Denise Gacosta—they said it wasn’t an easy road for them. There were a lot of preparations and practices they underwent. It was tiring, they said. But because of the support of their department, they were able to go on and were blessed to have won the Vocal Trio Competition. The Moving Squad presentation of CBIT was enlivening! They have made quite an impression with their performance during the competition and because of that they were able to garner the minor awards as well: Best in Costume and Best Squad Leader. During an interview, CBIT squad leader Francis Libo-on expressed his gratitude towards his squad. He said that being a squad leader is a tough task. For him, leading a large group takes a toll on one physically and mentally but they were still able to work well. According to Chona Lagrama, a member of the squad, coordination and teamwork were part of their success. They were also able to learn tolerance during the competition. She added that even though they were feeling sore all over their bodies, they were still able to push through to and give their best for their performance.

    It was a night worth remembering. Besides seeing the Paulinians showcase their talents, they were also able to prove that no matter the challenges thrown, one can still go forth towards the finish line.

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    by Karla Ray Mendoza

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:38:27

    The St. Paul University Dumaguete (SPUD) ball field was jam-packed with the roaring cheers of Paulinians gathered to take part in the opening ceremony of this year’s Paulimpiad celebration last October 22, 2018, bearing the theme “Mainstreaming Paulinian Ingenuity, Solidarity, and Sportsmanship through Interculturality.”

    After the Torch Parade, the opening ceremony started with the entrance of the different departments: Grade School, Junior High School, Senior High School 1, Senior High School 2, College of Arts and Education (CAED), College of Business and Information Technology (CBIT), and College of Nursing (CON), respectively. Representatives led their respective departments into the SPUD ball field while bearing their department banners.

    Once everyone was settled, University Chaplain Rev. Fr. Clyde Flores led the blessing of the booths. The invocation, the entrance of colors, and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and Paulinian Hymn followed right after. The crowd was then entertained by the Aninaw dance troupe’s production number.

    Student Affairs Manager Mrs. Maria Rowena Masicampo, RN, MAN gave her welcome address. In her speech, she called upon Paulinians to support one another in the spirit of sportsmanship and solidarity.

    The countdown to Paulimpiad Games began and representatives from each department and ROTC Officers took part in the hoisting of the department banners and the Paulimpiad Flag.

    Shouts from the crowd intensified as University President Sr. Joseline R. Lasala, SPC formally opened the Paulimpiad Games. Sr. Joseline lighted the torch which was passed on to last year’s MVP, Mr. Jake Matthews Cabigon. The torch relay continued together with athlete representatives from each department. The crowd went into a loud roar as the cauldron was lit and a short but spectacular fireworks display followed.

    The Opening Ceremony came to an end but it just set the stage for the week-long games, night events, and competitions that would follow.

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    by Christine A. Antosada

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:35:29

    The College of Arts and Education hosted a seminar-workshop entitled “Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities” with Global Observatory for Inclusion co-founder Rolando Jr. Villamero as the resource speaker last October 2, 2018 at the Grade School Audio-visual Room at 1:00 in the afternoon.

    The said activity was a part of their Inclusion Caravan that aims to spread awareness on inclusive education, especially among public and private schools. It was attended by senior and undergraduate Teacher Education students.

    The would-be teachers were taught various ways of addressing children with disabilities, either through Person First Language (PFL) or Identity First Language (IFL) which is evident in how the terms “child with disability” or “disabled child” are currently used in the community. The contention is that PFL focuses on the child being much more important than his/her disability as opposed to IFL which focuses more on the disability than the child with the disability being something to be celebrated and proud of. Both are dependent on a person’s perspective with regard to the issue. In addition to that, Mr. Villamero also clarified the two perceptions with regard to people’s perception – medical model and social model – with the former believing in the notion that a child underperforms in class because he/she is inherently poor in terms of intellect and the latter believing that a child’s disability is solely influenced by his/her environment.

    The student attendees underwent a workshop that made them understand inclusive education a lot better. In fact, Mr. Villamero made a distinction between segregation, integration, and inclusion. He emphasized on the importance of inclusion in the classroom setting by introducing the concept of differentiated instruction in terms of content, setting, materials, and other important aspects of learning. The idea of differentiated instruction is that in order for children with disabilities to really feel welcomed and included, teachers must adjust their teaching strategies.

    Being an expert on the Mission on Inclusive Education in the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Nairobi, Kenya, Mr. Rolando Villamero provides technical expertise on the area of inclusive education for children with disabilities, facilitates the conceptualization, implementation, and monitoring of projects related to inclusive education for children with disabilities, and facilitates knowledge management processes on inclusive education for children with disabilities. He has finished his Master’s Degree in Special and Inclusive Education enjoying a full scholarship from the Erasmus Mundus Program of the European Commission at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.

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    by Joe Louis Anne Odquin, BSED Science Major I

    Posted on 2018-11-23 16:18:41

    St. Paul University Dumaguete celebrated Math and Science Month 2018 with the theme “Math and Science for the People” headed by the Math and Science majors from the College of Arts and Education (CAED) with their respective moderators. The celebration was held last September 24-27, 2018 with several activities spearheaded by the students concerned.

    On the 24th of September, the Math majors were able to launch their mobile photography contest and the Science majors were also able to have their essay writing and poster and slogan contests. These activities were actively participated by students from the different academic departments of the university. On the 25th of September, a Math and Science Interactive Booth and Exhibit was installed at the Mere Maria Hall. The interactive booths installed several mind and trivia games in their respective booths. The Mathletes were able to give puzzles in their booth and did their “Calculympic” game. Meanwhile, the Paniksik Society was also able to provide some trivia games in their booth and did their Science Spelling Bee Contest. In line with this activity, the Science, Technology, and Society (STS) classes from different colleges were also able to participate on their I-Solve Village Exhibit. These exhibits were about different dimensions of wellness. The interactive booths and exhibits were extended until the 27th for more viewing for all students of SPUD. Moreover, these booths and exhibits were also visited by the participants of the 2nd Inter-Senior High School Research Forum that was held last September 27, 2018. The said research forum was held at the Grade School Audio-Visual Room. Chosen students from SPUD and from Piapi High School were able to present their research outputs to college and senior high school students. This activity was one of the highlights of this year’s celebration. Both participating schools presented three (3) research studies. The participants, together with their instructors, were given certificates and plaques of appreciation by Paniksik Society Moderator and Research OIC Mrs. Irish Sequihod-Udtohan and CAED Dean Dr. Maricar Flores. The forum ended with a closing remark from Mrs. Udtohan. Later on this same date, the culmination of the celebration was held at the interactive booth and exhibit area with some more games and presentations. Giving of awards, tokens, certificates, and prizes of the winners of the mobile photography, essay writing, poster and slogan contests, games in the booth, and the best exhibits were given during the culmination.

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