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The Alumni Office establishes and enhances a continuing and fruitful relationship between SPUD and its alumni. It collaborates with the departments and colleges for enhanced alumni relations. It also serves as a venue that attends to their queries and requests regarding school matters. It facilitates the holding of alumni homecoming activities dubbed as “TAPOK” a Visayan term which means “gathering together”, during the Founder’s Day Celebration of the university.

SPUD President visits Local Herb Farm in North Carolina, USA
by: Mr. Penn Larena

The President of St. Paul University Dumaguete, Sr. Joseline Lasala, SPC, together with the Alumni Coordinator, Mrs. Nella Ibarra, attended the 4th Biennial Conference and Alumni Homecoming of the St. Paul University Dumaguete Alumni Association, North America Chapter in Las Vegas, Nevada. The President was invited to be the keynote speaker of the conference.

It was also a great opportunity for the President, who is a chemical engineer by profession, to learn American Agriculture, Farm Management, Herb Farming and go on a heritage tour as well to the states of Chicago, Wisconsin and North Carolina.

She had a chance to personally meet Madge Eggena, a 74 year old farmer, considered as the herb farmer icon of North Carolina, who lives on nine (9) acres off Elmwood Road east of Statesville complete with a greenhouse, hen house, golf cart, smorgasbord of potted herbs and a scarecrow in a purple jacket. For the past fifteen (15) years, Eggena has been the market manager at the Thursday night Evening Farmers Market in Statesville’s Pecan Park. On Wednesdays, she sells at the Hickory downtown farmers market and on Saturdays, she heads down to the Charlotte regional farmers market.

The visit made one thing clear, medicinal remedies know no borders. Eggena was more than happy to show her new Filipino friends the many ways she learned how to use herbs from her farm for medicinal purposes. Everyone agreed that learning how our ancestors used herbs is a universally beneficial practice. Sr. Joseline together with Nella Ibarra, Tim and Linda McGloin, Abe and Eggena paced around the farm exchanging knowledge and fun facts like kids splashing in puddles on a rainy day.

“I think there is a lot we can do for ourselves and I think we need to learn what we can do for ourselves”, Eggena said. One of Sr. Joseline’s dreams is to bring the spotlight on herbal awareness back to the Philippines, which is also becoming popular among local and foreign travelers.

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