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St. Paul University Dumaguete adopts academic programs that integrate students’ performance, self-discipline and basic skills in everyday living. Traits such as perseverance, personal responsibility, accountability, generosity, courtesy and honesty are developed to make them appreciate our cultural heritage and the mission of the SPC congregation as well. The focus of this program is to provide students with rich and varied experiences; the acquisition of knowledge, the exploration of the world of professionalism and the ability to get along with others. Moreover, the university establishes plans and projects that aims to support students’ community awareness.

To contribute to the achievement of national priorities in the fields of poverty alleviation, health, education, environment and global competitiveness, St. Paul University Dumaguete through its academic and non-academic programs ensure to incorporate services that specifically address some of the concerns of our society today. Hence, the Community Extension Service (CES) was created as part of the Christian Formation Office to plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate all outreach programs and projects of the university to promote and witness Christ-like workers in the community.


  1. Kasambahay Human Development Program in partnership with the Visayan Forum Foundation Inc.
  2. Annual and Monthly Prison Ministry in the City and Provincial Jails conducted by the different departments.
  3. Partnership with the Diocese of Dumaguete through its social Action Comission for the Caritas 1 & 2 Community Development.
  4. Consortium among the Extension Services of Silliman University, St. Paul University Dumaguete, Negros Oriental State University, Barangay Bajumpandan Council and San Isidro Labrador Parish for the Skills Training Program under the Health, Education, Agriculture, Violence, Employment and Environment (H.E.A.V.E.N.) program of the Parish.
  • The Kasambahay Human Development Program of St. Paul University Dumaguete focuses on improving the lifelong learning skills of the underserved young people and adults, by providing technology, housekeeping-hospitality and first-aid skills, personality development program, moral-spiritual development activities and other related trainings through informal and modular sessions coupled with hands-on activities. Certificates of participation are given upon course completion. Students through the Paulinian Volunteers for Community Development (PVCD) join the Community Extension Service of which HRM-T Society are the lead clubs in implementing the program. 
  • Prison Ministry - St. Paul University Dumaguete works with our incarcerated brothers and sisters in the Negros Oriental Detention & Rehabilitation Center and Dumaguete City District Jail by helping them develop and nurture their spiritual and temporal life. Through the Prison Ministry Program, each department in the university takes responsibility in various activities. These activities provide opportunities for the inmates to acquire new skills and knowledge that can help them when they are released from prison. Apart from the regular sessions, the University holds an Annual Prison Ministry in these jails. It serves as an avenue for the Paulinian family to share their time and blessings to the inmates through these activities: Eucharistic Celebration, short program, gift –giving and the like.
  • St. Paul University Dumaguete in partnership with the Diocese of Dumaguete through its Social Action Commission aims to make a difference in the lives of the residents in Caritas 1 & 2 Bajumpandan, Dumaguete City. These people were the survivors of typhoon Sendong, which happened last 2011. Programs and activities were implemented by SPUD in collaboration with the different departments of the university to help alleviate their situation.

          A.) Financial Assistance for some 42 Public School Pupils 

          B.) Faith Sharing

          C.) A Day with our Partner Community

          D.) Child and Adult Catechism

          E.) Kasalan ng Bayan

          F.) Officers’ Team Building Activity

          G.) Health Teachings

          H.) Financial Literacy

  • Consortium of Extension Services with St. Paul University Dumaguete, Silliman University, Negros Oriental State University, Barangay Councils of Bajumpandan and San Isidro Labrador Parish.

    San Isidro Labrador parish has initiated to establish and offer a H.E.A.V.E.N on Earth Program as it is tasked to provide basic and essential services to its constituents such as skills training and development for the underpriveleged, among others. The schools mentioned above have the available human resources to assist San Isidro labrador Parish in attaining their objectives and providing the target beneficiaries with efficient and well- managed skills training and development opportunities. The parties agreed to closely collaborate, support and assist each other in the development of the local constituents of the parish through H.E.A.V.E.N on Earth Program, with the end view of providing the needed functional skills that would help them become highly competitive individuals.

    St. Paul University Dumaguete provides training experts from among its faculty members and staff of the College of Business and Information Technology (CBIT) preferably from the Hotel and Restaurant Management. It allows the use of the HRM Laboratory, equipment and facilities for the practicum and hands-on component of the training.

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