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March 2021 Physician Licensure Examination


Posted on 2021-03-25 00:40:36

Congratulations! Keezel Nell M. At-at, RMT, MD (High School Batch 2008) for Passing the March 2021 Physician Licensure Examination Your Paulinian family is very proud of you!

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Archery Virtual Tournament


Posted on 2021-03-04 03:17:53

Congratulations to our very own Paulinians that championed the "Archery Virtual Tournament" sponsored by Negros Oriental Sports Development(NOSDEP) in partnership with the World Archery Philippines held last December 15, 2020, at the Metro Dumaguete Archery range.

Carlos Generoso, our Grade 9 student, grabbed the championship in the Recurve Men Open Category and Caryl Generoso, Grade 11, in the Recurve Women Open Category. It was an open 18 meters archery virtual tournament.

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SPUD Opens Its Community Center in Bio-os, Amlan

by Ms. Zonit Tumlad- SPUD External Affairs

Posted on 2020-02-18 13:34:06

The Paulinian Outreach Foundation Incorporated (POFI) and St. Paul University Dumaguete open its Community Health and Development Center (CHDC) in Bio-os Amlan, Negros Oriental. This was held last February 8, 2020 at 8:30 in the morning. This is an initiative undertaken by the administration of St. Paul University Dumaguete in their desire to extend health services to the community of Amlan. It started with a short blessing ceremony officiated by Fr. Roman Sagun followed by a short program after which the Medical Mission was undertaken.

The event was graced with representatives from the Regalado Family, Mr. and Mrs. Baltazar Regalado, one of the sons of the donor of the land, the Philippine American Association of North Carolina in the persons of Dr. Robert and Tess Turner, an alumna, Elena Lajato, SPUDAA Board Officers namely Mrs. Rebecca Bautista, Mr. Rodolfo Locsin and Mr. Ruben Badon, the Local Government Unit of Amlan led by their Municipal Mayor, Hon. Manuel Jose Sycip. The Silayan Group and the St. Paul University Alumni Association of North America (SPUDAA-NA) played a great role in making this project possible.

A number of volunteer medical doctors, nurses, staff, teachers, nursing students, together with the administration had participated in the said event. Roughly 500 recipients coming from Barangay Bio-os availed of the services of the medical mission.

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BIOTA Education and Research Symposium – Workshop

by Joelouis Anne A. Odquin- BSED – 2

Posted on 2020-02-13 08:47:16

Saint Paul University Dumaguete has participated in the Biology Education and Research Symposium – Workshop held at the University of San – Jose Recoletos Main Campus, Cebu City on the 25th of January, 2020. The event was organized and facilitated by the Biology Teachers^^ Association (BIOTA) – Central Visayas Chapter in cooperation with USJ-R.

Two (2) second-year students from the College of Arts, Sciences and Education namely: Jayca E. Lamari (BSED – Math) and Joelouis Anne A. Odquin (BSED – Gen Sci), together with Ms. Anna Grace Averia (CASE Faculty) have actively represented SPUD in the said event. Together with them were Faculty Members and Doctors of Education from the different Universities and Schools around Central Visayas, mostly from Cebu.

The lectures and workshops included in the whole day activity were: "Action Research for Innovation and Continuous Improvement of Professional Practice" and a workshop on "Using Action Research to Evaluate Innovative Pedagogies" delivered and facilitated by Dr. Maricar S. Prudente from De La Salle University, Manila; and Allergy and Microbiome Dysbiosis and Problem Based Exploration by Dr. John Donnie A. Ramos from University of Santo Tomas, Manila.

SPUD participants were able to venture on digital tools that can be of use in transforming a teacher-centered approach (passive) to a student-centered approach (active) in teaching Biology and other fields of education.

An oath-taking ceremony for the new members of BIOTA, together with its newly elected officers, happened just before the event has officially ended. The Annual National Convention for BIOTA will be this coming April 23-25 in Palo, Leyte.

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SPUD joins AUDRN Youth Meetup

by Carl Tilos

Posted on 2019-12-14 19:09:25

Four (4) Paulinians, composed of (2) teachers and (2) students, have participated this year^^s Asian University Digital Resource Network (AUDRN) Youth Meetup dubbed as "#eyeball 2019" held last November 13-16, 2019 at Visayas State University, Baybay Leyte, with the theme: “Igniting Creativity in Local Knowledge in the Context of the 4th Industrial  Revolution".

 The students, Carl Joel Tilos (BSED II) and Christian Duran (BSIT II) were being accompanied by Mr. Sami Gregg Managbanag ( SHS Faculty) and Ms. Maria Kathleen June Mariño (Manager, ICT) in the three-day conference of AUDRN  21-partner schools. SPUD is being joined with schools around the country: from Luzon( University of Batangas, University of St. Louis-Tuguegarao, Angeles University Foundation Inc., and Miriam College) Visayas ( Silliman University, Central Philippines University, University of St. La Salle-Bacolod, STI-West Negros University, University of San Carlos, and the host school Visayas State University) and from Mindanao ( Fr. Saturnino Urios University).

AUDRN being an international network of academic institutions, is now on its third youth camp this year, aims to gather students among AUDRN partner institutions to ignite their creativity and push for productivity as an advocate for local knowledge while having fun. The activities include: Plenary Talk: Revisiting Local Knowledge in this Changing World, Talk Show: Student’s Role in Preserving and Sharing Local Knowledge, Parallel Workshop: Digital Tools for LK Collection, Preservation, and Dissemination, and Parallel Workshop: LK in the Current Times. The millenial participants were also keen in playing local Filipino games like Shato, Bahog-Bahog and Buwan-Buwan, and outdoor activities like trekking in the vast campus of the host school.

SPUD participants have also successfully created their own, on-the-spot integration plan during the event, entitled: “Paglaraw: Digitized Mapping of Dumaguete City Local Knowledge Towards Awareness and Preservation”, which aims to successfully create a reliable, efficient and effective cultural map on local knowledge awareness and preservation for sustainable development. They were also tasked to identify a local problem and do Project Concept Generation, in which they were able to present "Humba: Preserving the Secrets" as a research-based intervention in sustaining the traditional humba in Dumaguete while keeping trade secrets (data privacy) in gathering information. The participants were all able to present and pitch their plans amongst the spectators of the said activity.

On the other hand, Prof. Maria Aurora Teresita W. Tabada, AUDRN 2019 chairperson, urged the students then, to continue to foster a more vibrant thrust towards integrating local knowledge in education that will impact their understanding and appreciation of learning. Prof. Tabada, together with AUDRN Executive Director, Dr. Dave E. Marcial, have spearheaded this year^^s preparations to really create a meaningful and productive meetup. They look forward to the continuous cooperation and collaboration of the AUDRN partner schools, especially that AUDRN Local Knowledge Convention and International Research Conference will transpire in Butuan, February 7-8, next year.

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Paulinians, Together in Worship

by Joelouis Anne A. Odquin

Posted on 2019-12-10 16:35:17

“Beloved. Gifted. Empowered.” These are but few words in the English language but on the 24th to 26th of July, in St. Paul University Dumaguete, together with the other Paulinians from the region of Visayas and Mindanao, these words became the core, the thrust and the reminder of how capable the youths of today are in responding to the call of mission through the celebration of the Paulinian Youth in Worship.

As part of the welcome rites, the PYW participants were gathered in the Mere Maria Hall to exchange their pasalubong” which represents the place where they came from. The SPC sisters and the Paulinian students not only showcased the best product they have in their locality but also the trademark that always makes a Paulinian identified----warm, simple, and active---through sharing and being open to other participants.

Going back through time, remembering the journey of the very first SPC sisters who laid their feet in Dumaguete in the year 1904 in response to Bishop Rooker’s invitation in preserving, nurturing, and strengthening the Catholic Faith through education, as the participants also converse with one another to share their faith and life story in A Walk to Remember from the SPUD grounds to the Cathedral Church of Dumaguete where the very first Saint Paul University stood its foundation and started their mission.

With sturdy roots that creeps from its humble beginnings to the present, which has always been beautifully told in narratives that have been kept alive even until now, not only we, Paulinians are gifted with a great history, but also we are imbued with talents that we are to embodied and share with others.

The spirit of charism was made more evident in the Paulinian Star on the 2nd day of the PYW where Paulinians from different Paulinian Schools were made as one to show that they are truly gifted through various performances held at Fr. Louis Chauvet Hall.

As what the saying goes, “a family that prays together, stays together”, during the Night of Worship, the Paulinian family through their personal prayers gathered into one has heightened their experience of faith showing that they are truly gifts given to represent not the future but the present of the Catholic Faith and our country. Being gifted is not only limited in sharing our talents and skills to our neighbors, it also means praying for them and being a blessing through exemplifying that we are beloved leading them closer to God.

A 21st century youth is the present, as how they are described, they are dynamic, overflowing with blessings, willing and open to learn and to grow when provided with opportunities to do so. And, as Paulinian Youths, we are challenged to be committed to act on something more than ourselves. Are you willing to take on the challenge of being Beloved, Gifted and Empowered?

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Slingshot Dumaguete

by Michelle Lagat

Posted on 2019-12-03 10:21:22

The Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Science and Technology had invited the University to participate in its first ever Slingshot Dumaguete with the theme "FIRe & ICE: Fourth Industrial Revolution and Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship." Together with various start up companies and academes, the university was asked to send a few delegates to exhibit a few of their prototypes and listen to the talks about technology and how it is slowly evolving in our world today.

The event was attended by the University^^s College of Business and Information Technology, together with Mrs. Grace Alejado, and the Basic Education Junior High School Department^^s TechSaints from the Robotek Competition in Cebu, with their teacher and mentor Ms. Alreen Panaga. Both departments brought their own prototypes for exhibition and caught the attention of some curious entrepreneurs present in the venue.

"It was a very enlightening experience. There^^s is still so much for us to learn in this field and we^^re glad to have experienced this form of networking. We were able to get a few tips and advices from a few entrepreneurs and speakers present so it was a very fruitful experience for us." — Michelle Lagat on her insights from the event.

"The Slingshot Dumaguete was a great experience for us to share our built robots to known people in the field of business and robotics in Visayas and Mindanao. Being with those known people opened more opportunities for us to improve our skills on innovating robots/prototypes that can capture people^^s attention in the business industry. We learned a lot of new ideas in technological innovation and to sum it all up, a speaker said said that we just gotta put love on everything that we do to make it work." — Vincent Pialago on his learnings and and experience from the event.

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Robotek Competition 2019

by Michelle Lagat

Posted on 2019-12-02 14:38:06

Last October 21, 2019, the St. Paul University Dumaguete Junior High School Department sent delegates to the Queen City of the South to compete at the Robotek Competition 2019, a nationwide robotics competition sponsored by Techfactors, Inc. Held at Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu, schools hailing from both Visayas and Mindanao went over to compete at the 3-day event. Despite being first-timers in the field and with only less than a month of preparations, the St. Paul University Dumaguete Junior High School Department^^s TechSaints brought pride to the school by topping in the following categories:

MakeX City Guardian Category: 

  • Qualifying Round: Rank 8 out of 37, Semifinal Qualifier
  • Semifinal Round: Rank 7

Arduino Category:

  • Rank 6 out of 18
  • Most Outstanding Programmer Award

The said competition was participated by the following Grade 10 students of the Junior High School Department:

  • Anya Camille Yrad
  • Stavrus Jan Baldomero
  • Mark Jelou Renegado
  • Jan Vincent Pialago
  • John Michelle Lagat

"Knowing that we were going to represent our school for the robotics competition held at Cebu, we were all nervous. I myself did not expect this to happen and I wasn^^t ready; we weren^^t ready. But despite all that, we had fun. Even though we were cramming in all the nights we stayed there, we still kept on fighting and tried our best to bring honor to the school. Even though we were a bit exhausted because of sleepless nights, we had our optimistic mentors to cheer us up and motivate us to keep going. And above all that, we learned a lot throughout the journey. And that^^s itself is already an achievement for us." — Stavrus Jan Baldomero on his learnings and experience.

The following students will be presenting their robotics prototype at the Slingshot Dumaguete: Fourth Industrial Revolution and Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship on November 19, 2019, sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Science and Technology.

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SPUD partnered with Thare-NongSeng, Thailand

by Zecariah Chito Jumawan

Posted on 2019-10-23 09:50:01

Signing of MOA between SPUD & The Educational Affairs for The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the Thare-NongSeng, Thailand.

St. Paul University Dumaguete, the only Catholic University in Negros Oriental, with primary to tertiary levels and graduate school, in Dumaguete City; opens an opportunity to the College of Arts, Sciences and Education students to have an international practice teach exposure in Archdiocese of Thare-Nongseng, Thailand. This partnership addresses the first objectives of the ASEAN which is to accelerate the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region through joint endeavors in the spirit of equality and partnership.

October 15, 2019, SPUD entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Educational Affairs for The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the Thare-NongSeng. Considering the percentage of .58% of the total Roman Catholics in Thailand over 69 million, Catholic priests are still persistent in evangelizing young people through quality catholic education. This is only attainable if they hire well-trained teachers.

Over the years, Filipino teachers contributed to the formation of young people in Thailand. In this program, graduating education students are exposed to the culture of Thailand, the learning styles of Thai- students, and the life of an OFW by immersing themselves in this one month practice teach exposure.

(L-R) Mr. Zecariah Chito A. Jumawan- Marketing & Promotions Officer of SPUD, Rev. Fr. Phongsira Khamsri -Pastoral Work Mission Head of the Archdiocese of Thare-Nongseng, Rev. Fr. Virote Phosawang- Spiritual Director of the Archdiocese of Thare-Nongseng, Rev. Fr. Wirat Narinpak- Head of Academic Department of the Archdiocese of Thare-Nongseng, Sr. Helen Malubay, SPC- Vice President, Academic Affairs of SPUD, Sr. Joseline R. Lasala,SPC- University President of SPUD, Rev. Fr. Weeraphong Photimol- Superintendent Educational Division of the Archdiocese of Thare-Nongseng, Rev. Fr. Atichart Thammawong- Financial Head of the Archdiocese of Thare-Nongseng, Dr. Maricar Flores- Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Education of SPUD, & Ms. Corazonita Tumlad- Manager,International External Affairs of SPUD.

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Tree Growing and Geothermal Power Plant Educational Tour

by Jean Jumanguin - GS PHCC Officer

Posted on 2019-10-11 10:47:01

Our GS PHCC officers and grade school teachers of St. Paul University Dumaguete, successfully joined together in conducting Tree Growing and Geothermal Power Plant Educational Tour last September 14, 2019 at the EDC Southern Negros Geothermal Project location in Ticala, Brgy. Caidiocan, Valencia Negros Oriental.

The activity was attended by 33 parents and teachers and they were warmly welcomed by the CSR staff Mr. Julius Teves and Sir Arnel, the department’s forester, also led by our very own GS PHCC president, Mrs. Norreen Bautista who is also the head of EDC’s Community Partnerships, External Relations and Watershed Management Division. The activity started at around 8 AM, a short briefing was given to the group at the Ticala Conference Room (EDC office). Then the group went to tree growing activity in their hedge garden, a total of 48 pieces of Nato (Palaquim luzoniense), IUCN red list status as threatened species were planted. This was followed by the facility tour and lunch after.

Overall, it was indeed a fun-filled activity, not only did the group help beat the climate change and improving the quality of the natural environment, we were able to collaborate.

"Overall, it was fun, collaborative activity, not only did the group help beat the climate change and improve the quality of the natural environment but also got to enhance the camaraderie between teachers and parents."

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