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Another Year of Service: Paulinian Ambassadors of Goodwill 2020 continues to reign


Posted on 2021-04-17 00:28:24

After a year of gracious and indelible service to the mission, The Paulinian Ambassadors of Goodwill 2020 - Ms. Nathalie Acab, a third-year College of Art, Sciences and Education student and Mr. Juls Dawson Villahermosa, a second-year College of Nursing student will continue to uphold the title as Paulinian Ambassadors of Goodwill this 2021. Amidst all uncertainties of this pandemic, our Paulinian Ambassadors are built to be resilient. They will continue to raise their advocacies, embracing the new normal setting we are all in today. 


Saint Paul University Dumaguete annually celebrates remarkable events for our outstanding students to showcase their talents and the compassion of serving the Paulinian Community. One of the most awaited affairs in our prestigious University is the Paulinian Ambassadors of Goodwill Pageant. Every school year, six pairs of equally talented and beautiful Paulianians represent their respective departments in bringing forth their advocacies. This sublime event has carried on through the years since 1925, as the crowning of the first Miss Paulinian. Like the seed that beautifully grew, until now, The Paulinian Ambassadors of Goodwill continues to contribute to the Paulinian community driven by their compassion to serve and to manifest their wholesome advocacies.


January 22 was the mark of their 1st year of service as the Paulinian Ambassadors of Goodwill 2020. This year, with all the needed restrictions considered to withstand this pandemic that brought a pause to all plans and requires compromising, the Paulinian Ambassador of Goodwill shall extend their reign, as announced through the Paulinian Ambassador of Good will official Facebook page.


Ms. Paulinian Ambassador of Goodwill 2020, "Nathalie, "as she is fondly called, proudly represents the CASE Department shares how her journey was like a roller coaster ride full of fun and learning. She is genuinely grateful for her experiences that hold great value in her life as a Paulinian.


"...I treasured every moment of it, but if I were to name one memorable experience, it would be the implementation of our C.A.S.E. Love Kita Advocacy. Through this platform, we were able to show our love and care for the environment not just limited to SPUD but we also reached out to our adopted communities. The Advocacy is close to my heart because it is done with passion, dedication, and love. Together with my CASE Family, we collaborated our efforts and made it a success. We had the positive initiation for the betterment of the environment, and that is something I am proud of as a Paulinian."


As they venture for another year of carrying the mission to the Paulinian Community, Our Paulinian Ambassadors are equipped with the courage, compassion, and zeal to promote their advocacy; maximizing the gift of technology and making use of their God-given talents.


"...coming up with environment-related activities like designing old plastic bottles and making them into a homemade plant stand, or by simply throwing your trash in the garbage bin and segregating them properly. After all, we are educated and well-informed Paulinians, and it is our duty to respond as stewards of God^^s Creations."


Truly, Our Ambassadors of Goodwill possess the passion for serving and are leaders that have the excellence, flair, and character of a true Paulinian. Their reign is a challenge, but they became receptive to the current situation; compromised and carried out programs for their advocacy despite inevitable adversities. That goes to show that, indeed, their Reign as Paulinian Ambassadors of Goodwill 2020-2021 is worth sharing.  

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