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SPUD Attends Service-Learning Workshop

by Mrs. Irish S. Udtohan (OIC-Research and Publication Office)

Posted on 2019-08-06 10:24:59

St. Paul University Dumaguete attended the Service-Learning (S-L) workshop sponsored by Asian University Digital Resource Network (AUDRN) and hosted by Silliman University last July 26-27, 2019. Mrs. Angela Kristine Ocao, the SPUD Community Extension Services Coordinator (College Level); and Mrs. Irish Udtohan, the OIC of Research and Publication Office of SPUD were the faculty who attended the two-day workshop. This workshop was also attended by several participants coming from the different member schools of AUDRN. This was held at Mariano Lao Innovation, Creation and Invention Laboratory, Silliman University.

This workshop is one of the planned activities by the AUDRN where SPUD is a member school. This particular activity aimed at training AURDN member schools on the planning and implementation of their own S-L program. This also would like to integrate local knowledge in the areas of instruction, research, and extension in designing each institution’s service-learning program. The said workshop was facilitated by Silliman University as the secretariat of AUDRN through the leadership of Dr. Dave Marcial, the Executive Director of AUDRN.

The resource person for the said workshop was Dr. Enrique Oracion who is the Research Director of Silliman University. Dr. Oracion was a pioneer in implementing S-L projects in Silliman University and was able to publish several researches about it. He was able to share to the group what is service-learning and how it differs from the school’s community extension services, community organizing, and practicum or OJT for students. He was able to emphasize the important principles of the service-learning and how it can also become an avenue to create action research and incorporate local knowledge to the program at the same time.

At the end of every session of the two-day workshop participant were grouped and were able to come up with their own possible S-L program wrote a capsule action research proposal. They then have presented it to the group. Dr. Oracion together with Dr. Marcial and the participants, were able to do some critiquing on the proposals presented to augment and better each designed programs/proposals. The workshop commenced with the giving of certificates and group photo documentation.

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