The Basic Education Department envisions each pupil/student to develop holistically anchored on the Paulinian core values and grow in his/her Catholic faith. It also aims to equip students with the basic skills in communication, mathematics, technology and in the development of their aesthetic abilities.


The Basic Education Curriculum offers the following subjects: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Filipino, Science and Technology, Araling Panlipunan, MAPEH, TLE/HELE (Exploratory for Grade 7 and 8 while in Grade 9 and 10are specialization on the following tracks ICT, Caregiving, Bread and Pastry; Cookery), Research Subject is also offered to Grade 9 and 10; To enhance Reading and Comprehension Skills, SRA program is offered to Grade 7 and 8 students. The Senior High School has the Academic and TechVoc Tracks. Under the Academic Tracks are STEM, ABM and GAS; ICT and Home Economics for TechVoc.

GIFT PROGRAM “GIFT: A Response to K to 12 Curriculum”

The Student Activity Program is a major part in enhancing the curriculum of the Basic Education Department which helps develop the psychomotor skills of the pupils/students. This takes charge of all co-curricular activities. These activities include all formal and non-formal situations outside the classroom which complement and supplement classroom learning. The activities play an important part in the education of the pupils because these are means of supporting the curricular activities.

The main purpose of the program is to provide pupils/students with varied opportunities to enhance and hone one’s abilities, interests, skills, attitudes and values. When these potentials and interests are stimulated and developed to their maximum, the life pattern of the pupils is greatly influenced.

To make these co-curricular activities more meaningful, they are organized according to their relationship to the different subjects offered in the classroom and given a group name called Club or Organization. As conceived, this program was enhanced and called GIFTProgram. Through the different activities offered, the pupils/students experienced friendship, fun, belongingness, responsibility, accountability and community involvement. Different skills are developed like leadership, management, foresight, reach out to others, and other-centeredness.

The Giftedness Instruction for Talent (GIFT) Program is an innovation in response to the Basic Education Curriculum Framework that we follow in K to 12. Basically, the direction is to ensure that every Filipino is holistically developed, meaning, they are developed not only intellectually, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially but that they are also equipped with the 21st century skills.

More than an integral formation of SPUD curriculum, the program is a response to the challenge of providing truly developed young Paulinian. The GIFT program will be designed to focus on extensive development of one’s giftedness. God has given us a gift to develop, share and bless others with it.


Principal, Basic Education
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