St. Paul University Dumaguete, committed to the formation of integrated persons, will become the center of excellence in Catholic Education dedicated to building a just and humane society.


St. Paul University Dumaguete committed to evangelization through Catholic Education, impelled by the charity of Christ and imbued with the zeal of St. Paul, the University inculcates the Paulinian Core Values in innovative academic programs, relevant research and meaningful community extension initiatives.


St. Paul University Dumaguete strives for continuous improvement to surpass customers’ and other stakeholders’ needs by providing quality Paulinian Education and school services compliant with regulatory and statutory requirements in the spirit of collaboration and compassion.


The Paulinian shares in the unique history and traditions of the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres, marked by Christocentric-paschal spirituality, commitment to mission, service to community through one’s charism, urged on by Charity for God and others.

CHRIST-CENTEREDNESS - Christ is the CENTER of Paulinian life.
COMMISSION - The Paulinian has a mission- a LIFE PURPOSE to spread the Good News and partake of the evangelizing mission of the church.
COMMUNITY - The Paulinian is a RESPONSIBLE FAMILY MEMBER and CITIZEN, concerned with building community, development of people, justice and peace, and the protection of the environment.
CHARISM - The Paulinian develops and makes use of TALENTS/GIFTS in the service of God and others.
CHARITY - Urged on by the LOVE OF CHRIST, the Paulinian is warm, simple, loving, hospitable, zealous, and “all to all” especially with the underprivileged.