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Why study here?

Studying at St. Paul University Dumaguete means studying in a safe and friendly environment, with a welcoming atmosphere and strong community spirit.

University Acreditation and Certification:

How to apply?

This will provide you with all of the information you need to find out how you should register for your studies, when you should attend an enrolment session and where you should go during the first week of term.

Support for Students

St. Paul University Dumaguete provides a comprehensive support service and we can help you with almost anything to do with student living.

Helping Your Career Take Off

Career Planning, Development Services and Vocational Adjustments are part of the developmental process of a student. In college, vocational guidance is given as early as the first few months when initial interview is given to freshmen. This includes career information and job opportunities.

Community Involvement

This part of the University website provides information on how the University is working with the community, including projects, work with schools, public concerts, public lectures and a range of other events.